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Our cellar is designed for clients who have high demands on professional wine storage services.
An individual cellar would be assigned to each client for protecting their privacy.
24-hour year-round access without time constraints.
Doubled-locked system equipped with professional anti-burglar facilities.
Security system, including 24-hour CCTV monitoring surveillance, linked to our massive security control centre.
The temperature would be constantly maintained between 13°C and 16°C (average 15°C) in the cellar.

  • Private cellar
    • Individual Cellar
    • Constant temperature: 13-16°C (average 15°C)
    • 24-Hour Year-Round Access
    • 24-hour security and light control
    Private cellar Monthly fee Room size
    Room A HKD 2,650 approx. 50 sq. ft.
    Room B HKD 3,200 approx. 60 sq. ft.
    Room C HKD 3,700 approx. 75 sq. ft.
    Room D HKD 4,300 approx. 85 sq. ft.
    Room E HKD 4,900 approx. 95 sq. ft.
    Room E HKD 6,000 approx. 115 sq. ft.
    • A unique barcode are labelled on every case for monitoring
    • Provide photo-taking services (HK$10 per photo) and online photo storage solutions
    • Clients could check their list of collections through the online inventory system
    • Clients would be assigned their own password to visit their accounts
    Monthly / Per case Amount(12x750ml / case) Check-in Check-out
    HKD24 / case under 150 cases HKD10 / case HKD10 / case
    HKD23 / case 151-250 cases HKD10 / case HKD10 / case
    HKD22 / case 151-250 cases HKD10 / case HKD10 / case

*Insurance is not included. For any client who wants to procure a higher amount of insurance for their wine collection, our company can refer to Zurich Insurance for coverage.